Writers’ Room 101: Pitching in the Room

When I first sat down to start writing about this topic, I was worried because I thought there couldn’t possibly be enough to say about pitching to fill an entire blog post. Next thing I knew, I had written so much that I decided to break it into two separate posts so the information...

Little League World Series - photo courtesy of The Daily Caller

Great Stories Are Like Great Games

I’m a Los Angeles Lakers fan. As I’ve followed the team over the past few years, I’ve noticed certain elements need to be present, in a game, for it to be the most engaging and entertaining — the kind that keep me glued to the TV screen. Specifically, there are usually high stakes, intriguing...


What Makes a Good TV Series Premise?

In Emmy winner Erik Bork’s work pitching series ideas and writing pilots (and on good days, selling them to networks such as NBC and Fox), he’s learned a few things about what they're looking for, and what makes an idea sellable - as well as what a successful pilot script tends to include...

Answering phones today... running "Mike & Molly" tomorrow.

PRIMETIME: Am I Too Old To Become a Screenwriter?

If screenwriting is not a "calling," if it's just something you've thought about trying when you have some spare time… then I say, "don't bother." Because you will be trampled by hordes of other screenwriters—of all ages—who want it more badly, and are willing to do more to get it, than you do.