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Specs & The City: 5 Things Screenwriters Can Be Thankful For

Let’s be honest, shall we? Trying to break in as a professional screenwriter is a non-stop, up at dawn, pride swallowing siege, that we will never fully tell our friends and family about (thank you Cameron Crowe).  Only other writers can truly know what it’s like to be a writer, which makes it all...

Unscripted: How Twitter Can Help Your Career

To many writers, Twitter is a mystery. When someone first suggested I join Twitter three years ago, I thought, “What a time suck.” Yes, it can be, but it can also advance your career in ways you never imagined. Here’s a piece I wrote for Tribeca, Hooked on Twitter: How 140 Characters Breeds a...


BALLS OF STEEL: How to Grow a Set

But since this column’s birth eight weeks ago, Jeanne Veillette Bowerman has received countless tweets, emails and Facebook messages asking how a recovering insecureaholic like her could have grown such a big “set." But it was a string of direct messages on Twitter last night that made her realize the importance of sharing her...


BALLS OF STEEL: Tweet to Success

Twitter is a big, fat timesuck. An evil black hole of procrastination. Nothing decent could possibly come from it. How many of you feel that way? Go ahead, raise your hands. Jeanne Veillette Bowerman admits, she shared that thought, too… until Twitter totally changed her perspective as a writer.