White Collar

TV Writer Podcast 063 – Bob DeRosa (Killers, White Collar)

We’re debunking more Hollywood myths today! Bob DeResoa, writer of the hit feature ‘Killers‘ and the hit USA show ‘White Collar,’ has lots to say about the things we believe and shouldn’t. Photo Credit: Blake Gardner Where Bob DeRosa comes from, nice guys finish first. The Florida-born screenwriter recently finished his...

Ventriloquists and their dummies from Dumbstruck.

Q&A: Doc Filmmaker Mark Goffman on Dumbstruck

Screenwriter Mark Goffman (White Collar, The West Wing) became fascinated with the world of ventriloquism when his shy mother-in-law used it to make a speech at a family event. Several months and thousands of miles later, he had a documentary about this lovable, tough, heartwarming world of professional and amateur ventriloquists.