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Stories Without Borders: Why You Should Reconsider Screenwriting

Script consultant Julie Gray is a veteran story analyst of some of the biggest production companies in Hollywood. The author of Just Effing Entertain Me: A Screenwriter’s Atlas, Julie has taught story at Warner Bros. Studios, The Great American PitchFest and Oxford University. Contact Julie here. Screenwriting is one of the most challenging, fun,...

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Why Spec Scripts Fail: Failure To Do Your Homework, Part 4

In our previous homework discussions, Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3, several reasons spec scripts fail may have seemed obvious or simplistic to some readers… As obvious as looking both ways before you cross the street. Or as basic as not falling prey to “TEXTAHOLISM” while you hold up traffic at a stop...

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Writers’ Room 101: The Introduction

Welcome to Writers’ Room 101! This is the first in what I hope will be a long series of blog posts that aims to be both informative and interesting. But before I formally kick off this column, I thought it might be useful to explain just what it’s all about…and what it’s not going...


Wendy’s LA4HIRE: Best Screenwriting Tips for Great Dialogue

Wendy Kram is a producer and the owner of LA FOR HIRE, a consulting company for screenwriters, filmmakers and production companies needing script development to sell and produce their projects. Follow Wendy on Twitter @wendyla4hire. Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! As a producer and script consultant who reads hundreds...


Producer’s POV: Charlie Kaufman’s Women

A great deal has been written over the past forty years about (Alfred) “Hitchcock’s Women.” Immaculate blondes, sensual ice queens that could be both treacherous yet vulnerable. These strong independent women often drove the action of his famous suspense films – and they suffered for it. They have become icons of his era. One of our...

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The Wide Margin: A Writer’s Carnal Knowledge

“So, that’s one for “Cah-nahl Knah-ledge…“ That’s how they sold tickets at the old Hahvahd Squah Theahter Harvard Square Theatre where I first saw the classic Mike Nichols’ film.  The Harvard Square Theatre – before succumbing to the sweeping home viewing revolution – used to host both old films (different daily double features!) and...