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The Baltimore Screenwriters Coffee Club discussing their work at monthly meeting.

Finding Writers’ Groups

Leave the well-known Inner Harbor tourist area of Baltimore on straight as a rod Eastern Avenue and you will come to a neighborhood of row homes, parks, busy street-front shops and The Patterson. The Patterson was one of the great movie houses of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s but is now home to the...

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Writing can often be a solitary endeavor. But finding screenwriters to connect with isn’t always easy, especially when you live nowhere near the coffeehouses of Hollywood. ScriptMag wants to offer you a way to find other writers, share your goals, learn more about the craft and business from each other, and possibly find future...


Writers Groups: The Coronet Writers Lab

The Coronet Writers Lab is as notable for its intimacy and focused attention as it is for the successes of its members. As an actor, produced playwright and screenwriter, and educator, moderator T. Jay O'Brien could simply focus on building his own resume. Fortunately, his passion for bolstering new talent, complemented by the commitment...


Writers Groups: NYCscreenwriter

Screenwriter and filmmaker Steven Arvanites was looking for support in NYC. He suspected other screenwriters were looking for the same thing. So, he formed NYCscreenwriter, a Manhattan-based network that, today, serves as home base for over 1,000 city scribes.