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Legally Speaking, It Depends: Guilds or Unions – Part 2

Continuing on from part one, we’ll look more closely into the legal and business issues that arise from representation by either a Union or a Guild. Most of the following applies pretty much equally whether the representation is Union or Guild (hence the nomenclature adopted below, Union/Guild.) Hopefully you remember the distinction from the...

Legally Speaking, It Depends – Guild or Union, Part 1

*Note: This is the first of a two part article series… Guild or Union? Which is which and is there a difference? It might come as a surprise to some even inside our industry but there is an actual difference and knowing the subtleties involved, could possibly save some embarrassment or miscommunication. At the...

Anatomy of the Deal

No two deals are exactly alike, but all deals are under unprecedented pressures in the current marketplace. When it comes to getting the best payday possible, leading agents and managers agree on some time-tested fundamentals.

WGA News: August 2011

WGA's August News includes a call for documentary film nominees and a Great White Way intervention on behalf of a screenwriter who set in motion a successful franchise.