Creating TV Show Bibles

How do you write a great TV show bible? Of those good TV specs flying about, most of their series bible are a disappointment. Why? A lot of them are just really dull. To look at and to read. A series bible is another chance to really sell your TV show and your story and many writers forget this. Readers usually don’t get paid extra for series bibles usually. So there’s a very good chance the Reader will simply skim over it. It’s essential to grab the reader for the best shot at your TV show idea being picked up.

SDCC How to Write a TV Pilot panel

TV Writer Podcast 085 – How to Write a TV Pilot

Click to tweet this podcast to your friends and followers! Couldn’t make it to Gray’s How To Write a TV Pilot panel at Comic-Con this year? No problem! Here is the complete video, including Q & A. CONTEST/EXTRAS LINK: Have you ever thought of a perfect idea for a TV series? Find out...

All hail the king.

Long Live Walter White (and ‘Breaking Bad’)

By Tom Benedek  Long live Walter White. And this guy will live forever – on DVD, cable, broadcast TV, any screen near you. The miracle of a compelling TV series, Breaking Bad, hit a bulls-eye after sailing toward its ultimate target for 5 seasons, 62 episodes. But the show wasn’t just about Walt. It...

Editors Picks

Monday Morning Editor Picks: TV Writing Products

As someone who lives with only one movie theatre nearby, I’ve enjoyed discovering great TV dramas to keep me entertained. With the winter around the corner, I’m filling up my DVR with ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Mad Men’ reruns. But instead of just watching TV, why not try to write a show? Make sure to...