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A redneck from Small Town, North Carolina, population 8,000, high school dropout rate, 40%, Andrew Shearer drew from that background when he co-wrote his feature screenplay Holy Irresistible. All the pain of an adolescence spent trying to avoid getting shot by bee-bee guns paid off when he was awarded the Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowship. Since, he and his writing partner have optioned their script Son Up, developed projects with production companies, and have won another screenwriting competition. Andrew lives in Los Angeles and is repped by William Morris Endeavor and Brillstein Entertainment.

The Top Ten Who?

According to Andrew Shearer, the ones being severely overlooked in a list like Script's Top Ten Screenwriters of the Decade are the writers who have broken new ground and offered us some of the most unique scripts of the decade.

SCRIPT on SCRIPT: Sept./Oct. 2010

William Martell’s article “Blockbuster Brilliance!” from the September/October edition of Script, perfectly outlines my final, winning rebuttal to an argument I’ve been having with a writer friend mine who thinks Avatar shouldn’t be on my 2009 top ten list. (After all, we’re screenwriters, not just “average moviegoers.”)

SCRIPT ON SCRIPT: July/August 2010

When I saw the title of Dwayne Alexander Smith’s article in the July/August edition of Script and the accompanying, enticing picture of the sexy, welcoming, smiling woman with the “no” and “yes” signs, I became quite excited. “The Agony of the Silent No” must contain the answers to my problems. However,...

SCRIPT on SCRIPT: May/June 2010

I know you’ve all met the jerk at the counter of the video store who hands you the movie you just paid to rent and says cynically, “He dies in the end.” You stare in disbelief thinking, “Is this guy’s entire life such an empty hole that he has to ruin...

Discussing November/December With Andrew Shearer

Attention blossoming screenwriters who think screenwriting is a solitary art form: Read Script's article Anything but Elementary: Sherlock Holmes by Ray Morton with additional reporting by Bob Verini, and realize, as Editor in Chief Shelly Mellott put it, "It is better when we all work together."

SCRIPT on SCRIPT: Sept/Oct 2010, Part 2

Ah, the myriad of screenwriting advice we have to sift through in order to become masters of our craft -- it can drive you to drinking. William Martell’s article “Worldwide Cool” in the November/December edition of Script magazine suggests we should be writing scripts that appeal to worldwide audiences.