Central Coast Writers Conference Brings Writers of All Mediums Together

Writers conference are the best way to get inspired and network with fellow artists to reenergize your work. Jeanne Veillette Bowerman encourages writers to explore the 34th Central Coast Writers Conference.

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If you’ve never been to San Luis Obispo, CA, this is your chance! The Central Coast Writers Conference (CCWC) has a little something for everyone. A smorgasbord of writing advice, from screenwriting to publishing, even poetry. Clearly, many writers have fallen in love with this stellar Central Coast event, as this September 27th to 29th is their 34th CCWC!

I’ll be there. You should be there. Every writer should be there. Plus, there’s wine. Did I not mention that? Oh, yes, the opening keynote panel is Wine, Women, Wisdom and Words, which I will be a part of.

CCWC director, Teri Bayus, has added a steady stream of Hollywood screenwriters to the mix, including Die Hard 2 writer Doug RIchardson (helloooo, he’s reason enough to sign on), and last year, Oscar-winner Tom Schulman lectured (watch his keynote here). But it’s so much more than a screenwriting event. There are best-selling authors, editors, agents, poets and publishers on faculty. 2018’s three-day conference will feature three keynote presentations and 80 workshops across seven tracks, to cover all aspects of the writing process (and if you register online by September 21st, it’s only $250… yep, you read that right).

Oh, and there’s a new pre-conference Master Class track.

“I am more thrilled than ever with the quality of workshops, staff, agents and publishers who are attending this year,” stated Bayus. “We have proven that an investment in the CCWC has fashioned books published and launched successful writing careers. I know our new Master Classes, with their intimate access to the industry’s best, will leave an indelible mark on the students.”

These six-hour writing intensive workshops will be taught by renowned authors such as Emmy®-winning screenwriter Peter Dunne, and Jonathan Maberry, Netflix star and award-winning horror author. Learn about self-publishing and writing a hook for Hollywood directors.

Now, let’s get back to the wine… Who wouldn’t want to go to a conference where the opening event features Wine, Women, Words and Wisdom (WWWW) panel, emceed by Jeanette Trumpeter.

“The purpose of the panel is to have an open-ended discussion about the challenges and rewards of being a woman writer. WWWW gets behind the curtain and discusses the blood, sweat, tears and victories that got these women to where they are. We all learn by identification, and I think many people are going to identify with their stories,” said Trumpeter.

All types of writers will find something of value at the CCWC, from beginning writers to teachers and even teens – in fact, there’s even an official Teen Program. Recently published author of The Joys of Raising Boys: The Good, the Bad and the Hilarious, Diane Auten said, “Attending the CCWC the last few years is what finally catapulted me to finish and publish my book. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Best conference around.”

For more information on the conference, pricing and events, please visit centralcoastwritersconference.com.

Don’t forget to say hi. I’ll be the one with the biggest wine glass.

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