Ask the Expert: Is Your Screenplay a Fish

If Hollywood is a giant shark tank, then what does that make your script? In this video, Award Winning Screenwriter Jacob Krueger talks about what it takes to get your script noticed in the feeding frenzy, and how you know when your script is ready to enter the tank.

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Is Your Screenplay a Fish? from Jacob Krueger on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Ask the Expert: Is Your Screenplay a Fish

  1. lois

    I just watched your video and could not agree with you more. In 1987 I sent a wild and original fish without a tail to Hollywood, to a few studios and productions companies. The blunder of sending this wonderful creature into the sharks’ tanks without representation is something I have forgiven myself for, if not the people who keep taking all the credit for its creation. I am not sure yet, if it was the sharks who gobbled my tailless fish and found a writer to sketch a tail, or if it was the writer who caught my tailless fish and took it to the sharks. The truth is yet to be revealed. Remember to arm your students with this warning: never send a fish or most of a fish without a dolphin for protection. I did not. Instead I have had to live with my mistake since the day Thelma and Louise was first written about, in its preproduction stage, to as recently as 2011 when Vanity Fair wrote yet another mythical story about how the “idea” came to that writer. The truth can now be made public thanks to the internet and the decision that telling it will set me free. I do not want to take this lament to the grave. Fortunately I save everything, including registrations, courier receipts and correspondence, every where my script was sent, my fish with no tail and no dolphin to protect it, is documented. Along with all the steps I took after the film with a new name was released to take appropriate action. I am writing my cautionary tale for the selfish reasons I mentioned, and for other writers caught up in the excitement of trying to contain their prized fish in its own little tank until representation can be found. Success for a writer is not just creating a fish to throw into the tank to gobbled by the top feedeing sharks – it’s got to include a strategy to keep your fish attached to your line. Jacob, you are so charismatic I suspect you could sell the fishing trip before the boat leaves shore. Well done! Thank you.