All Write by Charles Kipps

Writer/producer Charles Kipps has won an Emmy, a Peabody, and an Edgar Award. Kipps’ television credits include Exiled: A Law & Order Movie, Little Bill, Fatherhood , The Cosby Mysteries, Columbo, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Among his film credits is Fat Albert: The Movie, co-written with Bill Cosby. Kipps is the author of the Conor Bard Mystery Series. The first two installments are Hell’s Kitchen Homicide and Crystal Death, which was chosen by publishing trade magazine Kirkus as one of the best mysteries of the year.

All Write: How Technology Has Turbocharged Writing

I love technology. As a result, I have somehow wound up being the (pro bono) tech support person for my friends. Which got me thinking about how technology — computers, software, fax machines, and cell phones — have affected the writing process. It’s hard to believe that classic movies such as...