Donna ON PR by Donna Hardwick

Public Relations specialist Donna Hardwick’s specialty is marketing and publicity on behalf of film and television programs, but she also has a flare for coming up with campaigns that are tailored to meet the needs of her projects. In this column, she shares some of my passion and expertise and provide you with guideposts on your journey to tell your own amazing stories. Donna will take you into the world of marketing your film or screenplay and teach you tips on getting the most exposure possible for your art.

Credit: Karrah Kwasnik

Donna ON PR: Big or Small, Film Festivals Celebrate Filmmaking

In a couple of days, thousands of people, press, filmmakers, investors, industry executives will descend upon the beautiful mountain town, Park City, Utah for not one but two film festivals: Sundance Film Festival (January 16—26, 2014) and Slamdance Film Festival (January 17—23, 2014). It’s a small town and those first few days...