Screenwriting Website of the Week: Alt Film Guide

When we come across a screenwriting or industry website we think you’d enjoy, we like to share it with our readers. Check out Alt Film Guide for interesting information on filmmakers, reviews and the people behind the pictures.

Most recently, they ran a piece featuring the diaries of Charles Brackett, Billy Wilder’s forgotten partner. A look into Hollywood history is always inspiring.

Learn more about Alt Film Guide from their about page:

The Los Angeles-based Alt Film Guide offers an “alternative,” offbeat look at the world of film. Our articles have been mentioned in various publications, among them the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, and The Guardian.

At Alt Film Guide, you’ll find thought-provoking reviews, interviews with filmmakers and authors, and extensive coverage of film awards, box-office reports, Hollywood and World Cinema classics, LGBT cinema, and assorted film events from Los Angeles and New York City to Paris, Tokyo, Sydney, and Rio de Janeiro.

Follow Alt Film Guide on Twitter: @altfilmguide

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