Specs & The City by Brad Johnson

Specs & The City is a weekly column that aims to help anyone writing a spec by talking about specific screenwriting tips, techniques, or general advice, and then taking it a step further by providing an actual example from a produced film to help you then apply that advice to your own spec. By pulling these examples from successful high concept films and across all genres – Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Action, and Drama – you’ll learn the skills successful screenwriters use in hooking the reader with their marketable screenplay ideas.

The Shadow Archetype, Mal

Specs & The City: The Shadow Archetype and ‘Inception’

The second most important character in any story (and sometimes even THE most important) is the antagonist, or in terms of archetypes, the Shadow.  And while this character is often referred to as the villain, it’s important to remember that they aren’t necessarily a bad person. They’re simply the person, or...