Storytelling to Story Selling by Heather Hale

StoryTelling to Story$elling by Heather Hale: Heather Hale’s StoryTelling to Story$elling columns help you get your stories out of your head and onto the worldwide stage. From the inspiration and conception of all kinds of creative writing, through the development and refinement of all the elements, to navigating the legal, financial, physical production, distribution and marketing labyrinths of the overlapping businesses of mass media, she explores how (and why) we write, co-create, share and monetize stories around the world today. Check out her webinars, tutorials and online classes. Connect with Heather on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Producer’s POV: Writer Fears – I’m Not Good Enough

Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! Isn’t that every writer’s greatest fear? Producer Anne Marie Gillen recently posed this question to our Mastermind Group: “What keeps you awake at night?What are those nasty thoughts that keep playing around in your head?  The shoulda-coulda-woulda?” It stimulated such an open and...