Why Spec Scripts Fail by Stewart Farquhar

You are told that you have a flair for writing. You borrow money then travel to writing seminars. You outline then write and re-write your heart out. You fail to invest in you with books and formal screenwriting classes. You fail to enlist the guidance of a qualified writing coach. Your folks and close friends say you have a blockbuster story. You look for support and are convinced to try online pitchfests. You borrow or spend your savings to attend pricy pitchfests in person. You take the feedback, make adjustments and enter contest after contest. Stewart Farquhar explores why spec scripts can fail.


The dictionary defines dilemma as a situation with a choice to be made in which neither alternative is acceptable. Two equally unacceptable alternatives—two equally painful choices. Stewart Farquhar shares tips for creating dilemma in story for both the antagonist and protagonist.