A WRITER’S VOICE: Guardians of The Galaxy – It’s a Metaphor!

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In this installment of A Writer’s Voice, I’ll be discussing Guardians of the Galaxy and how James Gunn’s script has redefined our expectations of what a superhero movie can be.

The difference between what James Gunn is doing in his script and what a lesser writer would be doing in their script is actually very small. It ultimately all comes down to theme and metaphor.

Guardians of the Galaxy is not a movie about capturing some crazy crystal, defeating some evil lord, or saving the galaxy. Those things are just plot. Guardians of the Galaxy is about coming to grips with the loss of the people you love and somehow holding onto your spirit of adventure, to your ability to connect to people, and to your ability to have family. And this is what distinguishes Guardians of the Galaxy from so many other action movies.

Want your movie to stand out from the crowd? This podcast aims to help you do just that. Using James Gunn’s script as a model, you’ll discover how you can use theme as an internal compass to guide every single decision you need make in your storytelling. And finding that compass could be the difference between writing a good script and a remarkable one.

Listen to the podcast below, or read a full transcript here!

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One thought on “A WRITER’S VOICE: Guardians of The Galaxy – It’s a Metaphor!

  1. Persistent Poet

    I like that this article has a professional visual and quality audio to go along with the words. Us film folk like to use a variety of senses. I agree that this movie had more to it than you might predict. And certainly, strain you spaghetti to give the theme rather than just preach it.