Zen in the Art of Screenwriting by Jose Prendes

Jose briefly considered titling this segment Hey Idiot, Just Write Already! But he decided to go with a more lyrical, less harsher column title for what is your weekly shot in the arm to get you past that bastard writer’s block that is eating up all your precious creation time. Instead of a how-to and or a how-not-to, each week Jose gives you a gentle reminder of what it is you are really doing and what is truly important. We sometimes get so caught up in the drudgery of screenwriting as a job, that we forget that movies, and writing specifically, is first and foremost an art form before it is a commercial prospect, and in so doing it we should derive pleasure from it. So whenever the blank page has you down and you need a little pick me up, swing by and give this a read. Jose hates the mosh pit of Facebook, but you can stay in touch and make bird noises at him on Twitter: @JosePrendes