Screenplay Structure and Outlining

A cohesive screenplay requires a structure an audience can understand as well as keep them engaged enough to sit through a two-hour film. Outlining a screenplay is the best way to stay on track with your storytelling. The proper screenplay structure can be accomplished in many ways, such as using a model like Save the Cat’s beat sheet, a three-act structure, or even a four-act structure. Keeping your story’s plot clear is essential to the success of a screenplay. Learn how to outline your script to get a solid screenplay structure ready for sale.

nolan film review dunkirk poster


Chris Nolan's new film, Dunkirk, uses non-linear storytelling, in both space and time, to immerse the audience deeply into a large, complex event.

THE CRAFT: To Hell With Story Structure

I know writers love to know the “rules” and “formulas” and “principles” of writing, but truthfully, there are no great truths about writing. A great writer knows the pitfalls and takes a concept and creatively considers the most compelling way to tell that story—structure be damned.