Turning Your Script Into A Graphic Novel

One way to market your action adventure screenplay is to turn your script into a graphic novel. Alejandro Seri, Educational Marketing & Relations Director for Final Draft, Inc. shows you how in this instructional video:

5 thoughts on “Turning Your Script Into A Graphic Novel

  1. Robert_S

    There is one other factor to consider. With you story tied to a medium that is not a feature length script for sale to a production house: you have more protection for your IP. You’re not selling the story and characters.

  2. Alejandro Seri


    There are many websites where you can find talented artists from around the world who are willing to work within tight budgets. I have worked with artists from Australia, Argentina and Mexico, as well as from the US. Believe me, you can create a graphic novel sample or a comic book for under $1000. If you are a real resourceful producer and plan correctly, you can even do a full GN for about $5K (pre-print costs). All this is much cheaper than shooting a live-action trailer for an Action-Adventure, Sci-Fi or Fantasy project. In the end, you have marketing material that can help pay for itself while shopping the feature.

  3. Colin Holmes

    Add in the fact that you are helping to market your movie.

    Studios want products with a built in fan base. Look at last year’s top grossers and you’ll see that only two of the top 20 were original ideas – Rio and Rango (both animated.) Everything else was a sequel, a comic book, a theme park ride, a toy, a novel…