Unscripted: Happily Ever After… or Not?

QUESTION of the day: Do you feel pressure to always write a “happy ending” for a script to be marketable? Or do you embrace the often unhappy endings of foreign films?

In the world where foreign sales are so important, maybe it’s time to reconsider our definition of “happily ever after.”

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2 thoughts on “Unscripted: Happily Ever After… or Not?

  1. Sira Kiwana-Lugolobi

    I feel that ending with a twist is the best. Yes, the protagonist should be happy, after all, haven’t we bonded after being with him/her all this time? But I would prefer a twist, one which we know about but which the satisfied protagonist doesn’t. It works best if you want to have a sequel….

  2. Brad JohnsonBrad Johnson

    I think you’re right, Jeanne. It’s time to replace the “happy ending” with a “satisfying ending” to your script. Whatever that may mean for your individual story. If you shoehorn in a happy ending – it WILL show.