Unscripted: Researching Your Scripts

QUESTION of the day:  What’s the most fun experience you’ve had doing research for a script? Do you dread researching or do you love it?

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2 thoughts on “Unscripted: Researching Your Scripts

  1. Sira Kiwana-Lugolobi

    The most fun I had doing research was when I interviewed ex-child soldiers for ‘Ugandan Affairs’, the tale of a hero ex-child soldier who grows up to be manipulated into facing the enemy from his juvenile combat days.

    Those guys could party after defecting from the army and running to exile in the UK.It was just the drugs and binge drinking that scared me, but it gave me an insight into how they handled the PTSD, all of which I included in the flavoring of the story.

  2. Michael Rodriguez

    I love researching history; its helps me to create a fully realize world in my stories and scripts.

    However, one of the problems of researching, for me, it sometimes boggles down the story. If the story requires an specific answer, for example, to specific legal or police scenario that cannot be easily answer contacting a law-enforcement official; the story comes to halt.