10 thoughts on “How Social Media Makes You Fearless

  1. Brad JohnsonBrad Johnson

    Other than our fearless leader @jeannevb, here are some of the people that I think are just a wealth of knowledge (I’m leaving off all of the GREAT suggestions that other people have already made.)

    @Stage32Online – great for networking

    @grahaminman – Graham is almost constantly streaming industry news RTs

    @Silverwingscrpt – has great insight and I always get something out of our conversations

    @kingisafink – great ladies who are putting out quality product. They deserve your support – and they’re funny as all get out.

    @WDFilmmaker – Always has good information

  2. Chera Federle

    I’ll add these gems (to name a few of my favorite)

    @BrittaDragice – love her blog









    @KMWeiland – here website is geared toward novelist, but so much of the info and inspiration can be applied to screenwriting.

    and I always get a giggle out of fellow writer and great actor @SteveMartinToGo

  3. John Thomas

    Thanks all for the pointers – added a few of your suggestions.

    @wcmartell – Great tips of the day on his site (but you have to go read it every day – no way to look up the archives), some good quotes and pointers in tweets
    @BittrScrptReadr – A little ummm… bitter, and opinionated (as if the rest of us aren’t), but sends alot of good RT from others I wouldn’t want to follow every day
    @ScreenwritingU – Good pointers, mixed with plugs for what appear to be good classes. Did 1 free teleconference class so far, which was very good, can’t speak for the rest yet (though planning to take course in October)
    @TheScriptLab – Pointers to good articles

    New ones (no opinion on them yet):

  4. Dawn McCaslin

    Oh, what a great topic! Twitter is an invaluable resource for writers It’s such a fun way to network and stay on top of the latest industry news. I love:
    – @goodinaroom – Stephanie Palmer gives advice on pitching to industry executives
    – @theblcklst – The Black List – screenwriting goodness
    – @AmyMSuto – a blogger with fun, sassy articles about movies and screenwriting
    – @NathanFillion – just because he always makes me laugh and you need a little silliness in your feed