Cast and Crew

A screenplay needs to be written to attract great talent, both in cast and crew. Who you work with to bring your script to life will make all the difference in terms of not only the enjoyment of the process, but also the final product. Filmmaking is a collaborative process. Choosing the cast and crew can make or break your success. Casting directors are a great resource as are references from other independent filmmakers.

Balls of Steel: Cast ‘Em

My Balls of Steel column is just over a year old. I’ve taken you on my bumpy ride from pursuing an adaption of the Pulitzer Prize-winning book, Slavery by Another Name (SBAN), all the way to Sundance. While SBAN is still going strong, I now have a different, more immediate quest...

Acting Challenges

A good screenplay is a wonderful thing, but no matter how impressive a script may be, its potential will remain forever unfulfilled unless it is actually made into a movie. There are a lot of factors that influence whether or not a screenplay gets produced, but in today’s film industry, the...

What Goes Into An Indie Film Proposal?

Based on your hit list targets and call to action goals, your package may or may not include all of the following material (you may not even have or have a clue to some of it - but it's a living, breathing, evolving document - part of the process is doing...

Multiple Casting Made Meaningful

I was sitting in the Los Angeles Farmer's Market recently doing a script consulting session, when the subject of multiple casting arose. It's hardly uncommon in these days of tight theatre budgets.