Post-Production Overview

You’ve shot your film and now it’s time for post-production. Even with all that great coverage, you still need to understand the post-production process. The steps of post-production can be daunting, but the more prepared you are before you start film editing your movie, the easier the post-production schedule will be. Learn the ins and outs of post-production to aide in the collaborative process. Film editing, color correction, sound design, director’s notes and more.

The Wide Margin: The Writer’s Most Unkindest Cut of All

Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! I have a friend who makes his living as a film editor – he’s quite good and it’s likely you’ve seen his work – who can look you straight in the eyes and declare in a stentorian voice:  “I don’t do velvet ropes.” ...

Alt Script: Should You Become Your Own Producer?

For me alt-cinema only really starts to become interesting when a screenwriter decides to become their own producer. The problem is, too many writers only embrace this way of working because they see it as an easy option. They are eager to embrace low-no budget production because, at first glance, it...

Preview: Lymelife with Director Derick Martini

Brother filmmaking duos have thrived for decades in Hollywood. If each decade brings a new duo to the spotlight, who’s next on the block? Audiences at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival seemed to think Derick and Steven Martini have a chance to leave their mark.

Review: Visual Effects for Directors

In a follow-up to Hollywood Camera Work’s Master Course in High-End Blocking and Staging, Per Holmes has released Visual Effects for Directors. A visual-effects intensive for directors and directors of photography, this seven-DVD set covers shooting visual effects, from green screen, virtual set, 3D, camera tracking and motion control, to character...