Podcast: Doc Filmmaker Michael Barnett on Real-Life Superheroes

Real life Superheroes.

Real-life Superheroes.

Ever felt the injustice of the world was a weight upon your shoulders? Perhaps you should go out and do something about it. In the past few decades, the movement of underground superheroes — regular people who feel compelled to fight crime — has gone from a sparse few to several hundred. Documentary filmmaker Michael Barnett felt compelled to capture the story of these Superheroes in his new documentary, which premieres on HBO August 8.

Podcast highlights:

  • “Terrifica is a woman who would go out and protect drunk women at bars …”
  • “Five or six years ago, [the movement of regular people behaving as superheroes] really started to explode and became a nationwide phenomenon …”
  • “A lot of these guys had been exploited by the media … so getting these guys to trust us was a real challenge …”
  • “We’re living in cynical times, and I think this movement has arisen out of that …”

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