Podcast: Screenwriter James Solomon Talks THE CONSPIRATOR

The Conspirator stars Robin Wright and James McAvoy

The Conspirator stars Robin Wright and James McAvoy

Screenwriter James Solomon

Screenwriter James Solomon

Would you wait nearly two decades to see your passion project get produced? Screenwriter James Solomon did. And, it was well worth it, he says, to see his period drama The Conspirator finally hit the big screen. “If I were told it was going to take 18 years, but at the end, Robert Redford was going to direct it,” Solomon says, “I would have been fine with that.”

But he didn’t know Redford was going to direct it. Until that happened, Solomon spent the majority of his adult life researching, writing and rewriting the story of Mary Surratt, a Southern woman who stood trial for the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Solomon got the ideas when he came across a transcript of the trial in 1993. Nearly two decades later, his dream of seeing this story on screen became a reality. The film stars Robin Wright, James McAvoy, Tom Wilkinson and Justin Long. Script sat down with Solomon to discuss writing, waiting and watching the big finale.

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3 thoughts on “Podcast: Screenwriter James Solomon Talks THE CONSPIRATOR

  1. Linda Silver

    I watched the film last night. I’m watching the extra disc that was with it covering the making of the film, photos, etc. This is one of the most poignant, beautifully done films I’ve seen. I saw the new Lincoln movie and this movie was tender yet powerful. I believe Mary Surratt knew what was going on, but I’m appalled that her rights were violated as a U.S. Citizen. The Civil War is one of the most interesting events in U.S. history and I’m sorry I didn’t spend my college years studying it. Thank you Mr. Solomon for a wonderful screenplay.

  2. euthicos

    The Conspirator film is the best ever film I watched next to A Beautiful Mind. It gives a real-life view of what might have happened within the trial of Mary Surratt.I was intellectually stimulated by the arguments of the solicitors as they grilled the witnesses.This admiration is perhaps due to my infrequent exposure to such argumentation. I will watch it over and over again.

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