Podcast: Screenwriter Leslie Dixon Talks LIMITLESS

Bradley Cooper stars in the action-thriller Limitless.

Bradley Cooper stars in the action-thriller Limitless.

Screenwriter Leslie Dixon

Screenwriter Leslie Dixon

“Does the reader want to turn to the next page?” This is the question screenwriter Leslie Dixon asks herself when she sits down to write a script. If you can do that, she says, you’ll be a success. And, Dixon has had more than her fair share of success. She’s written some of the most memorable, heart-warming comedies of the past 20 years — Mrs. Doubtfire, The Heartbreak Kid, Freaky Friday, Hairspray, Just Like Heaven, Overboard and Outrageous Fortune, to name a few.  Her latest film takes a turn in genre and plot. The “passion project,” as she calls it, is the action-thriller Limitless. It’s about a down-and-out writer who takes a pill to make himself infinitely smarter than he could have ever imagined. It stars Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro. Script sat down with powerhouse screenwriter to find out how she tackled a script with endless possibilities.

Trailer for Limitless:

13 thoughts on “Podcast: Screenwriter Leslie Dixon Talks LIMITLESS

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  2. whammo

    anyone who thinks you have to live in LA to get a film made has obviously never lived in any other country than the USA. when writers realize that hollywood is not the end-all be-all of cinema, then maybe they will open their minds to the much wider range of production possibilities in europe and asia. the long and short of it is: if you want to make a hollywood movie, stay in hollywood. and drink your life away in overpriced lattes. if you want to make a GOOD movie, that you have more control over throughout the production cycle, and that you don’t need to be stuffing popcorn into your face to enjoy, get out of LA, and america, altogether.

  3. ScriptDude

    You are so wrong. You must be living out of state. Leslie’s advice is right on the money. If you truly want a career in screenwriting, you need to be in L.A. This is where the contacts and meetings take place.
    Maybe after you get established you can move away, but until that happens, it’s going to take you twice the energy, time, etc. to kick start your writing career.