Podcast: Screenwriters Derek Haas, Michael Brandt on The Double

Screenwriters Derek Haas and Michael Brandt.

Screenwriters Derek Haas and Michael Brandt

Famed action-thriller screenwriters Michael Brandt and Derek Haas (Wanted, 3:10 to Yuma, 2 Fast 2 Furious) take it up a notch to direct and produce their new thriller, The Double. Starring Richard Gere, Topher Grace, and Martin Sheen, the film is about an ex-CIA agent who is suddenly pulled back onto a case he thought was long dead.

Topher Grace and Richard Gere in The Double

Topher Grace and Richard Gere in The Double

Brandt makes his directorial debut with the script co-written Haas, and Haas produces. Script sat down with the writing team to talk about tackling a thriller, staying true to their genre, and producing a passion project from the ground up.

Podcast highlights:

  • “You have to infuse every single scene in a thriller with conflict and tension …”
  • “The tension has to come organically from the premise of the movie …”
  • “Too much outlining might mean you’re afraid to start writing your script …”

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5 thoughts on “Podcast: Screenwriters Derek Haas, Michael Brandt on The Double

  1. Samuel Carter

    It would be awesome if you guys would just do interviews with good writers from here on out. These guys are awful. An 11 on Rotten Tomatoes? Holy Geeze.

  2. Erica Stewart

    Very reassured as a young writer to hear from experienced professionals what my gut has been telling me is true: you need to let the characters write themselves to a certain extent, and at least for this genre, every detail in every scene has to serve the organic tension of the plot. Good to keep in mind. Thanks!

  3. Brad Stilwell

    Great podcast for a new writer. Encouraging to hear that its still ok to move away from formula and just get messy and simply write and enjoy the process. I really get the impression that these guys enjoyed writing this script and I’m sure that will reflect in the final product.