Podcast: The Farrelly Brothers Take a Week Off of Marriage in Hall Pass

Writer/directors Bobby Farrelly (center) and Peter Farrelly (right) talk to actor Owen Wilson on the set of Hall Pass.

Writer/directors Peter Farrelly (center) and Bobby Farrelly (right) talk to actor Owen Wilson on the set of Hall Pass.

Have you ever wanted a week off of marriage with no consequences? If so, you’re probably not brave enough to admit it. Don’t worry. You don’t have to! The Farrelly Brothers have done it for you. At least, they’ve personified the fantasy in the new raunch comedy, Hall Pass, starring Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis. Bobby and Peter Farrelly, the writer/director team, co-wrote the script with Pete Jones and Kevin Barnett. Script sat down with the foursome to get the details on how they, as married men, approached the very touchy subject.

Caution: Spolier Alert in this podcast!

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4 thoughts on “Podcast: The Farrelly Brothers Take a Week Off of Marriage in Hall Pass

  1. Kevin Flynn

    I laughed my ass off- as did the entire audience. I love all these screenwriting geniuses who are not only so quick to comment but who have never produced a thing in their entire lives. Keep going to those workshops fella’s and telling all the people at the coffee shop what an awesome screenplay you have in your lap top.

  2. Tom Grisham

    I can’t contain myself. This film is so bad that folks should get it on DVD to induce vomiting should they accidentially poison themselves.

    Bad. Stunningly bad. I am happy that I do not have cildren that might view this utter piece of shit by these two reprobates. Worst of all, these guys get deals made for tons of money in Hollywood.

    It used to be such a fine business. The likes of these “booger eaters” are tearing it down.

    I watched in an audiance of 100. Nobody laughed. Never.

    These guys suck, and should never get another deal.

    Tom Grisham

  3. Tom Grisham

    This is as low at it goes.

    Low brow, low humor, low writing, low directing. Just plain low. It disgusts me that these guys get paychecks. Especially for screnwriting.

    This film is a complete disgrace. The jokes never work unless you’re 11 years old. The premise is just awful. The wives motivation are impossible to buy in to.

    These brothers need to quit.

    Tom Grisham

  4. Don Austen

    Have you ever wanted to give your teens a really bad message? Kind of like Bill Clinton did when he as President announced to the world that oral sex was not really sex. Today, teen practice oral sex like it was free lunch. As for the typical comedy today, I think Charlie Chaplin would be turning in his grave if the dead could take a position.