Podcast: Writer/Director Dan Rush Talks EVERYTHING MUST GO

Writer/director Dan Rush with Will Ferrell on the set of Everything Must Go.

Writer/director Dan Rush with Will Ferrell on the set of Everything Must Go.

Everything must go, except the A-list actor. This is how a first-time director makes his mark. At least, that’s how Dan Rush, writer/director of the new indie comedy, Everything Must Go, starring Will Ferrell, made his.

“Small scope, big actor,” says Rush, of the advice a trusted colleague gave him on how to make his debut as a feature film director. What did that mean for Rush? He scrapped his big budget projects, and on the advice of fellow screenwriter David Benioff (Troy, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, 25th Hour), he picked up a short story by Raymond Carver. The story was about a man living on his front lawn. The idea was just small enough to do the trick. Rush signed on Ferrell, and the big funny man brought his acting chops. The film is proof of Ferrell’s range and of Rush’s diligence on how to keep it small but deliver big.

Script sat down with the writer/director to talk about adapting the short story, shopping the idea around Hollywood and landing one of the biggest stars imaginable.

Podcast highlights include:
* The dark moments of writing: “I had a few gaps in the story that I thought would bite me in the ass… and they did.”
* Tips for the aspiring screenwriter: “A screenplay is different than a movie. It’s a piece of writing…”
* Debate: What’s the difference between a dark comedy and a drama with light moments? It’s a tough call.

Is it a comedy or drama? Only the audience will know. Tell us what you think about Everything Must Go.

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3 thoughts on “Podcast: Writer/Director Dan Rush Talks EVERYTHING MUST GO

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    And why do these comedy actors always feel like they have to prove they can do drama? I suppose Ferrell’s earned it, but still.


    Interesting – I am on the fence when it comes to movies that are on the fence about whether they are drama or comedy. I mean, did you see “Pennies from Heaven”?