PRIMETIME: Chad’s Top 10 Ways to Prepare for a Showrunner Meeting (Pt. 3)

Today we bring you the much anticipated conclusion to Lonny’s question and Chad’s long-winded, overly ambitious “Top 10 Ways To Prep For a Showrunner Meeting.”

8.) OTHER THINGS TO KNOW – Aside from television, bone up on what’s hot in the rest of pop culture. Here’s a short list of things I like to be familiar with, and if I can’t see, hear, or experience them all, I at least like to be aware of what’s going on: the movie box office, top video games, bestselling books, bestselling albums, hit songs and videos, hot websites, big Broadway plays, cool new gadgets.

Also, have an opinion on these things—don’t be afraid to talk about how much you hated Inception and loved the new Jonas Brothers CD. Just be sure you can express WHY you felt this way. The showrunner isn’t looking for someone who mirrors her every thought; she wants an independent thinker who can clearly support and articulate his perspective.

9.) READ THE NEWSPAPER – Sadly, I rarely have time to peruse a newspaper every day; I get most of my news from the radio (while I’m in the car) or Google Reader. But take some time, the morning of your meeting, to read a newspaper so you can talk, accurately, about the news of the world.

10.) FORGET ALL OF THIS – If you already have a showrunner meeting, they’ve read your work and like you… so this meeting is about convincing the showrunner you’re someone she wants to spend 15 hours a day with. So be yourself—which sounds cheesy, I know, but it’s true. Your biggest asset is your personality.

Also—because baby writers aren’t usually expected to do much heavy-lifting, your job is simply to be an extra brain and pair-of-hands in the writers room. You may occasionally pitch some jokes or stories, punch up some scenes, even do some note-taking. Hopefully, you’ll get to write a script or story.

The point is: the showrunner isn’t looking for you to save the show or lead the staff. She just wants to know you’re competent, professional, and—more importantly—enjoyable to be around. So prove that!

Anyway, Lonny, I hope this is helpful… and please keep reading!

For the rest of you, thanks for all the questions you’ve emailed over the past couple weeks—we’ll be diving in next time! And feel free to keep emailing questions, comments, thoughts, worries, or great recipes to I’ll talk to you all soon!

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