Script Magazine’s First L.A. Meetup = Success!

We came. We conquered. We connected.

That’s how the night felt after our first-ever Script Magazine Los Angeles Meetup this past Tuesday (2/8) night. Judging by our Facebook RSVP list, we thought we’d get maybe 30 or 40 readers and friends of the magazine to show up. I mean, let’s face it, it was a chilly Tuesday night in Hollywood. A work night for most. But 7 p.m. hit and right away the bar at the Cat ‘N Fiddle on Sunset Blvd. was all ours. What was originally planned as a gathering of 30 or 40 turned out to be a full house of 75-100 screenwriters, readers, fans and friends. It was great connecting and putting faces to Twitter handles and listening to feedback about the magazine, this website and all the things Script and Final Draft, Inc. (our parent company) have going on (yes, talk of Final Draft’s upcoming iPad app was on more than a few people’s minds that night. And yes, it’s coming.)

We had a number of Script contributors stop by, including Jenna MillyBob Verini, David S. Cohen, Ray Morton, Dwayne Smith and George ‘El Guapo’ Roush. And we were pleasantly surprised to have Tom Benedek (screenwriter of Cocoon), W. Peter Iliff (screenwriter of Patriot Games and Point Break) and current Oscar nominee, Dana Brunetti (producer, The Social Network and president of Trigger Street Productions) stop by and share a few drinks and laughs.

We’re planning to do our L.A. Meetups on a regular basis (still working out details, probably bi-monthly to coincide with every issue release), so in case you missed us this week, there will be more opportunities to connect, mingle and meet like-minded Script Magazine readers. We also have tentative plans for upcoming meetups in New York City (looking at end of April to coincide with the Tribeca Film Festival), and in Washington D.C.

We want to thank everyone who came out on Tuesday night. We had a blast. Let’s do it again soon!

14 thoughts on “Script Magazine’s First L.A. Meetup = Success!

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  3. Michael O'Daniel


    The Cat & Fiddle has an area set aside for playing darts, plus all the imported brews from the UK you could possibly want. And they have shepherd’s pie, bangers & mash, scottish egg, and other such delicacies on the menu. (Check out You’ll be right at home.

  4. Valerie

    Hello from the UK,
    I have just discovered the website and as a new rookie script writer 1st attempt 3/4 through ( Brit Comedy/Love/Drama ) am soaking up advice, find it so stimulating so as the 15th February was my birthday decided to communicate from the UK and really want to get out there to the Cat and Fiddle to chat.

  5. Leona Heraty

    Wow! It sounds like a wonderful event and I’m sorry I wasn’t able to attend. However, I would love to try and make it to the next event. I live in San Diego, and it sounds like it would totally be worth the drive, and an excellent and fun opportunity to meet other screenwriters and hang out with a lot of like-minded, neat people. Joshua, thanks for keeping me in the loop and thanks for setting this cool event up. 🙂

  6. hele

    The meetup was fun and inspiring. Please notify me of the next one. I think bi-monthly is good or at the very least once a month. Keep me posted and keep on writing.

  7. Michael O'Daniel

    Such nostalgia you’re creating here! Very sorry to have missed this soireé. The Cat ‘n Fiddle has been our hang since it opened (our family was friends with the owners and their/our kids went to school together). In its earlier days, when music companies abounded along Sunset from Highland to Vine, it was more of a music industry hang, especially the wall-to-wall 5 o’clock swill on Friday which drew a horde of Aussies and Brits. I’m sure they’re equally happy to host writers, who tend to be not quite as loud. Please continue to patronize the joint as it is a unique and cherished establishment. Last year I had a meeting there with a producer visiting LA from Serbia and he was knocked out by the place (including the jazz quartet on Sunday evening). He came unarmed, BTW.

  8. Nikolai

    Hey guys, looks like fun was had by all! Must drop in next time. Could be there and back from Australia in a few hours on a ram jet! LOL Seriously, will you have a meeting in August? Hope to be in LA then.