Seed&Spark Launches #100DaysofDiversity Initiative – It’s Time to Act

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Seed&Spark challenges our community of artists to stop paying lip service to the diversity issue in films and start creating projects with talent, both above and below the line, that represents our wonderfully diverse world.

We are writers. The change has to start with us. Stop writing in an outdated box and start creating game-changing, daring stories.

Let the games begin!

As quoted in IndieWire, Emily Best, Seed&Spark founder and CEO puts it simply, “Right now is a put up or shut up moment for all of us in the business of the arts. We know that entertainment is so much more than just that — that who we put on the screen, who works behind the scenes, and the stories that are told profoundly shape our cultural landscape. Moving pictures are everywhere: they are our national pastime and our most powerful export.”

What kinds of stories do you want future generations to see? How about giving every person, no matter their race or sexual identity, a story they can relate to?

It starts with you. Yes, YOU! Write that script, make that film, and change the landscape today!

Seed&Spark Launches #100DaysofDiversity Initiative - It's Time to Act

During the 100 days, they’ll cover specific themes:

January 20th – February 2nd: Democracy in Action

February 3rd – February 16th: Black History. Present. Future.

February 17th – March 2nd: Modern Love

March 3rd – March 16th: American Families

March 17th – March 30th: Faiths of All Kinds

March 31st – Apr 13th: The American Dream

April 14th – April 29th: Melting Pot

“During #100DaysOfDiversity, we are featuring crowdfunding projects and streaming films that actively increase representation and inclusion. No more studies. No more think pieces. It’s time to ACT.”

Are you ready to act?

Visit Seed&Spark’s site for more details on how to get involved and follow them on Twitter: @seedandspark

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