Spec Sales Stats: 2010 The Year in Review

Almost a spec a day hit the marketplace in 2010. And while both submissions and sales were down (17.6% and 15.1%, respectively), just 62 of the 360 spec scripts that made the rounds in 2010 sold.

While Jason Scoggins’ covers these statistics brilliantly, consistently and in depth on his ItsOnTheGrid.com (which Sharon Waxman’s TheWrap.com just acquired, merging them into an even more formidable source of instant entertainment industry insider information), a simplification of the top notes is illustrative and handy to aspiring and veteran screenwriters alike trying to make sense of (or keep their finger on the pulse of) the buying landscape.

Here’s a quick thumbnail sketch of just the top three players across the board in terms of studio buyers and the sales facilitators or reps: agents and mangers.

Warner Bros. was by far the biggest studio buyer with nine purchases, a flurry of seven in the last quarter bumped it ahead of Relativity in second place with six and Paramount in third with four.

CAA sold the most, eleven, just inching out WME with ten. Notably, 70% of WME’s business was attributed to top producer Mike Esola, who sold seven of the fifteen he took to market. UTA came in third with seven sales.

H2F and Circle of Confusion tied for top spec-selling management firms with four each with Anonymous right on their heels with three.

Maybe a fun New Year’s Resolution for Script readers might be to make it on to Franklin Leonard’s 2011 Black List?

Or better yet, to rank as one of 2011’s spec sales statistics!