PODCAST: Spec Script Snow White and the Huntsman Sells for Mega Bucks

Palak Patel

Palak Patel recently produced Alice In Wonderland and Knight And Day at Roth Films and is in preproduction on a "Wizard of Oz" prequel.

When little known screenwriter Evan Daugherty came up with the idea to tell the story of Snow White from the Huntsman’s point of view, he had no idea that a few years later he’d be sitting at Roth Films in Santa Monica on the other end of a deal worth $3.2 million. The story of how Daugherty got his spec script into the hands of producer Palak Patel, who helped develop the script into a four quadrant tenpole movie and sparked a bidding war with the studios, became one of the most lucrative spec sales in recent history. Script sat down with the screenwriter and producer to hear how they made it happen in a marketplace that seems impossible.

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10 thoughts on “PODCAST: Spec Script Snow White and the Huntsman Sells for Mega Bucks

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  7. Carolyn Harris


    Great article! It was very nice to hear about the process of novice writer making his first big deal. The advice from Palak to attach yourself with producers who can package movies and get them made versus a development deal is invaluable. Do you have any more interviews with Palak Patel? He was fantastic to listen to.


  8. Ron Bush

    I have no experience in the field of screen writing, etc., but I have an idea for a TV series and movie. My concept/plot would be an instant HIT — probably #1 series — which would generate so much interst in the viewers’ minds that they would anxiously await each upcoming episode. The overall concept or story is something that generate a great deal of discussion as to why this idea wasn’t utilized in the “real world” instead of just the TV or big screen.

    Would you have any advise for me about how to get this idea marketed. I am 59 years old, I am intelligent, and I would be able to put my storyline into a written movie or series format if I knew how to go about it.

    I just have no idea where to begin.

    I would appreciate any direction you could give me.

    Ron Bush

  9. John Frederick


    Great “drill-down” on the overarching Spec process from idea, bookshelf, pitch, and then on to Universal production deal – all resulting in a sale @ $1.5M with a total $3.2M when in production. (Less 25% of course!)

    Evan and Palak are very forthcoming in detailing their real-world experience in the forthcoming Snow White-Huntsman film, which is now set to shoot in the Spring 2011.

    Thanks. Keep up the great work.