The Spotlight Screenplay Competition Grand Prize Winner Announced!

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The Spotlight Screenplay Competition Grand Prize Winner Announced!  #scriptchatCongratulations to screenwriter Rebekah Reaves, the Grand Prize Winner of the Spotlight Screenplay Competition. She will receive a $5,000 Cash Prize, meetings with Industry Professionals and a special invitation into the ISA Development Program.

And thank you to our sponsor the International Screenwriters’ Association, whose team will prep Rebekah for Industry success and help launch her screenwriting career.

About Rebekah:

Rebekah’s screenplays have garnered attention in notable competitions, including Page International, Final Draft Big Break, Scriptapalooza, the Austin Film Festival, and CineStory. Though her interests span all film varieties, Rebekah’s primary writing focus is on scripts that feature strong female protagonists who seek and embody the complex balance of power and femininity. In addition to screenwriting, Rebekah also dabbles in other genres, including poetry and young adult fiction. Her work has been published in Writer’s Digest and Laurels, a literary journal.

Visit Rebekah’s site for more information on her writing.

The 10 Finalists:

The Summer I Shrank My GrandmotherAnita Brandt Burgoyne
Love’s RemainsMatthew O’Connell
OffsidesRebekah Reaves
Apocalypse BetaAnna Capezzera
Ballerina Girl Evan Cooper
StillwaterChristopher Schultz
Nine Scars Kelly Crawford
PoachersDenny Schnulo
Fallen StarBrian McCormick
The CoveCynthia C.

The 25 Semi-Finalists:

The Best Day Ana Soler
The War of LionsThomas Gatus
The Summer I Shrank My GrandmotherAnita Brandt Burgoyne
Somebody to LoveJay Cipriani
How To Catch a Time TravelerGraham Parke
Inked in Blood Paul Corricelli
Troy TownMatthew Barker
The Willow TreeDaniel John Clee
Big SisterDavid Chester
The Three MuskeTEENSChristopher Plain
Love’s Remains Matthew O’Connell
OffsidesRebekah Reaves
Apocalypse Beta Anna Capezzera
Goners Geoffrey Uhl
Torched Dianna Zimmerman
The CoveCynthia C.
Forgiving EvilMichael Scherer
MedicatedDouglas Lund
Ballerina GirlEvan Cooper
Stillwater Christopher Schultz
The Ghost of Providence Scott Kirkpatrick
Nine ScarsKelly Crawford
BelieveBill Levesque
PoachersDenny Schnulo
Fallen StarBrian McCormick