Brian Caldirola is a humorist and TV writer/producer in Los Angeles. In his spare time, when he has any, he likes to cartoon.

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Have you ever sat in a script notes session using every muscle in your body to keep your eyes from rolling?  Or mentally diagramming different — and creative — ways to take out the people in the room?  Or perhaps doing everything you can to suppress the urge to stand up and shout, “No, Mother Teresa cannot be a man!”

Notes, sadly, are the bane of a writer’s existence and they’ve been with us always… one can imagine even Sophocles got notes (“Deus ex Machina is so pre-500 B.C.”)  “Studio Script Notes” envisions the kinds of notes executives could have (or maybe even did) given to some of cinema’s masterpieces and/or most famous movies. Enjoy!

STUDIO SCRIPT NOTES: 'Titanic' by Brian Caldirola | Script Magazine #scriptchat #screenwriting

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