SXSW11 Podcast: Ben Ripley Talks SOURCE CODE – UPDATED

Michelle Monaghan and Jake Gyllenhaal star in SOURCE CODE, written by Ben Ripley and directed by Duncan Jones.

Our first podcast direct from SXSW 2011 is with Ben Ripley, screenwriter of the highly anticipated action-thriller, Source Code.

The film stars Jake Gyllenhaal as Captain Colter Stevens, an Iraq war vet who wakes from a traumatic war experience to find himself on a commuter train heading towards Chicago that’s the target of a terrorist attack. As the film unravels, Colter discovers he’s part of a military experiment using bio-mechanical engineering and computer code that enables him to jump into the body of someone precisely eight minutes before they die. His new mission: find out who the bomber of the commuter train is.

Ripley spoke to Script‘s west coast/web editor, Joshua Stecker, at SXSW and discussed the origins of the film, how he came up with this high concept script and the science behind it, and more importantly, how he got it into the hands of Jake Gyllenhaal, who in turn recommended Duncan Jones (Moon) to direct, which were the lynchpins in getting the film made.

Yahoo! Movies just added this clip of the first five minutes of Source Code:

Source Code Trailer:

6 thoughts on “SXSW11 Podcast: Ben Ripley Talks SOURCE CODE – UPDATED

  1. Bill Cook

    “Source Code: The 97th Sequel: Timing is Everything”

    Advances in technology now allow old Cap to jump into a body 105 minutes before it dies. If only he could. It takes him 20 minutes just to tie his shoes. He’s no longer able to jump on a body, let alone into one, without assistance from 2 muscular health care providers, a trampoline and a paid up twitter account. once he’s in there he can’t remember why. However, if he’s able to get into their body at precisely 105 minutes before they die and remembers what to do, we won’t have to bother seeing the movie.
    105 minutes is a decent length for a good movie, neither of which pertains to this franchise.
    This could be the sequel we’ve been waiting for, better known as the final sequel. Most fans agree that sequel 37 was the best of the bunch. Look for prequels 1 through 25 to arrive sometime next year.

  2. Scott Wallace

    Oops. Of course it’s not a silent movie. The volume was preset to zero; the user has to remedy that. I’m wrong; the website is right. Tricky, and user-aggro, but right.

  3. Franky Lamouche

    I liked “First 5 Minutes.” Especially the FIOS commercial. The trailer, however, is nonsense. Terrorism is not America’s problem, capitalism is. (And I say this as a democrat and believer in free enterprise.)