The Scoggins Report: June 2013 Pitch Market Roundup

The Scoggins Report
by Jason Scoggins & Cindy Kaplan
July 1, 2013


June 2013

Pitch Market Roundup

Since, like most of you, our minds are already on the very long weekend ahead, and because there has been only one pitch sale since the Pitch Scorecard two weeks ago (“Outliers,” to Fox), we’re dispensing with even a modicum of analysis this week and going straight to the Roundup details and breakdowns.  Hope you have a fantastic Independence Day break – we’ll be back next week with the Spec Market Roundup as usual.


June 2013

June 2012

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 Pitch Sales




 Genres Sold

2 Action

1 Drama

2 Sci-fi

4 Action

2 Comedy

1 Thriller

1 Action

4 Comedy

3 Sci-fi

5 Thriller

2 Unspecified

Weekly Activity Breakdown

Week of June 3

  • Rasputin (June 7)
  • Emergence (June 7)


Week of June 10

  • Defenders (June 11)
  • Untitled Drone Program Project (June 12)


Week of June 17

  • Outliers (June 19)


Week of June 24

  • No pitch sales announced

Pitch Sales (alphabetical by title)


Writer:  Will Simmons (“Murder City”)

RepsUTA (Jason Burns, Geoff Morley) and Energy (Brooklyn Weaver)

BuyerWarner Bros.

Genre:  Sci-fi thriller

AttachmentsDonald De Line will produce through his eponymous production company.

Notes:  Niija Kuykendall will oversee for the studio, Jacob Robinson will supervise for De Line. Based on the novel “Defenders,” by Will McIntosh, to be published by Orbit in 2014.

Logline:  Under wraps.



Writer:  Nic Kelman (“Genneris”)

RepsCAA (Jon Cassir, Matt Rosen) and 3 Arts (Tom Lassally)


Genre:  Sci-fi

Attachments:  Roland Emmerich is attached to direct and produce through Centropolis with Kirstin Winkler and Aaron Boyd.

Logline:  Plot details are under wraps, but said to be a new take on an alien invasion.



Writers: Patrick Melton & Marcus Dunstan (“Saw” 4 through 7)

RepsWME (Phil D’Amecourt, Simon Faber) and Underground (Trevor Engelson)


Genre:  Supernatural action

Attachments:  David Karlak (2nd Unit Director, “The Collection”) is attached to direct. Chernin Entertainment’s Peter Chernin, Mike Larocca and Jenno Topping will produce with Underground’s Trevor Engelson.

Notes:  Jason Young will oversee for Fox.

Logline:  Under wraps.



Writer:  Jason Hall (“American Sniper”)

RepsCAA (Peter Micelli, Jay Baker, Gregory McKnight) and Management 360 (Darin Friedman)

BuyerWarner Bros.

Genre:  Period drama

AttachmentsLangley Park’s Kevin McCormick will produce with Appian Way’s Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Davisson Killoran as well as Peter Morgan. DiCaprio will star.

Logline:  Details on Hall’s take are under wraps, but is about the 19th Century Russian mystic Rasputin, who became an advisor to the Russian Imperial family. Embraced by Tsar Nicholas II and Alexandra as a healer for their only son, Tsarevich Alexei, who secretly suffered from hemophilia, Rasputin’s wide-ranging influence over the family grew so pervasive that his rivals repeatedly tried to assassinate him, finally succeeding in 1916.

Untitled Drone Program Project

Writer:  Spenser Cohen (“High Value Target”)

RepsWME (Solco Schuitt) and Energy (Brooklyn Weaver)


Genre:  Military action thriller

Attachments:  Tripp Vinson and Lisa Zambri will produce through Vinson Films with Brooklyn Weaver and Cohen’s producing partner, Anna Halberg.

Logline:  Under wraps.

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