TV Writer Podcast 010 – Keto Shimizu (The Cape)

Next up in our Women TV Writers series, we meet Keto Shimizu, an alumnus of the NBC Writers on the Verge program, who landed a staff writing gig on NBC’s The Cape in her mid-twenties, just three years after arriving in L.A. Want to find out how?

Though young, Keto has a lot of very practical advice for getting started in the business. Find out how she used her connections from Boston’s Emerson College to land several jobs in L.A., including post-production assistant on the recent TRON: Legacy.

Then, learn all about the NBC Writers on the Verge program, and how continuing to network with its participants helped her to draft a new TV pilot that was instrumental in her securing representation.

Finally, find out about The Cape — how advice to “geek out” paid off in landing the gig as a full staff writer, and also a great behind the scenes look at the writers room and how the first season has gone from script to screen!

Make sure you watch The Cape on NBC, Mondays at 9/8c, just after Chuck!

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2 thoughts on “TV Writer Podcast 010 – Keto Shimizu (The Cape)

  1. Gray Jones

    Thanks so much!

    By the way, sorry all for this unexpected hiatus. I work in the industry myself, and my current TV show has gotten behind schedule, so I’ve been pulling many all-nighters to catch up.

    Expect consistent weekly podcasts from the first week of March onward. There’s lots of cool stuff in the pipe!

    Follow me on Twitter for updates: @GrayJones.

    Thanks for understanding,

  2. rleslie

    Congrats to Keto! Loved, loved. loved the interview. Nice to hear someone so forthcoming and appreciative of the many amazing links to her success. Obviously, dedicated work really made it all happen, as demonstrated by having TWO major network interviews in ONEDAY! What?!Ultimately, hilarious/smart that the advice to really “geek it up” landed the Cape gig. Hah! With that same high level of focus + passion, this year’s motto is “Geek It up!” Thanks Gray – loving the podcasts.