TV Writer Podcast 017 – Steven Darancette, Animated TV

Just like there are far fewer resources for learning TV writing than for learning to write features, there are an incredibly small number of resources for learning to write for animated TV. That’s why it is a great privilege to have animation writer Steven Darancette open a window for us into this field.

As an L.A.-based episodic TV animation writer, Steven has written for shows at Warner Bros. Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and others, including such well known animated shows as Ozzy & Drix, and Krypto – The Superdog. He has also created over a dozen animated TV series pitches that are in varying stages of development. He has a lot of wisdom to share!

Why will learning to draw help you to write scripts for animation? How does the pay structure for daytime animation work, and why is it highly different from primetime animated shows? Is it true that you pitch by email, even without an agent? If so, how? What problems will a US writer face if they want to tap into the large Canadian animation market?

Steven has also written and produced features, and has a number of projects in development. He has some interesting advice on what to do with the unsold feature scripts you’re written, which are now collecting dust in your drawer…

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One thought on “TV Writer Podcast 017 – Steven Darancette, Animated TV

  1. KNau

    Wow, what fortuitous timing. I was just starting to research writing for animation when I found this podcast. Thanks!

    A couple of books for those who might be interested:
    Animation Writing and Development – Jean Wright
    How to Write for Animation – Jeffrey Scott
    Gardner’s Guide to Animation Scriptwriting – Marilyn Webber
    Joe Murray (creator of Rocko’s Modern Life also had an e-book called “Crafting a Cartoon” that has since been published in retail as “Creating Animated Cartoons With Character”

    Hope that helps anyone else interested in this field. Love the podcast!