TV Writer Podcast 021 – Chad Gervich (After Lately, Script Magazine)

Do you want to write comedy? Reality? Scripted? Work in development? Write a pilot? Web series? Or maybe work as an executive? This week we have a massive 82 minute podcast with Chad Gervich… and he’s done it all!

Chad Gervich is a television producer, bestselling author, and award- winning playwright who currently has a comedy development deal with 20th Century Fox, and is a writer-producer for After Lately, E!’s hit half-hour comedy starring Chelsea Handler.

As a writer and producer, Chad created Style Network’s hit comedy/reality show, Foody Call, before going on to write, produce, and develop shows (both scripted and reality) for ABC, FOX, Warner Brothers, Endemol, E!, Overbrook, SuperDelicious, CBS Studios, TruTV, Zoo Productions, Fox Reality Channel, Renegade 83, Food Network, and the Weinstein Company. His credits include Wipeout, Cupcake Wars, Reality Binge, Speeders, and others.

Prior to producing, Chad spent five years as a development executive with the Littlefield Company, former NBC president Warren Littlefield’s production company, developing pilots and series for NBC, ABC, UPN, the WB, and Paramount TV. Chad also worked in production on shows such as The Wanda Sykes Show, Star Search, The Academy Awards, and Malcolm in the Middle.

As an author, Chad’s best-selling TV-writing handbook, Small Screen, Big Picture: A Writers Guide to the TV Business, debuted in 2008 to critical acclaim and outstanding sales, and it’s presently being used as a textbook in the CBS Diversity Writing Program, the WGA Showrunners Training Program, NBC’s Writers on the Verge, NATPE’s Diversity Fellowship, California State, and USC’s TV classes.

Chad currently writes Script Magazine’s popular weekly Primetime blog, and contributes regularly to many other publications, including Daily Variety. In addition, he created and produced Morning Call Time, Hollywood’s first daily audio news podcast.

One of Chad’s passions is teaching. With a Playwriting MFA from UCLA, he has spent years teaching writing and producing classes for Mediabistro, Gotham Writers Workshop, Writing Pad, and StoryStudio Chicago, as well as lecturing at colleges and schools such as UCLA and Vanderbilt. He also speaks at festivals and conferences such as the TV/Film Summit, and the Great American Pitchfest.

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3 thoughts on “TV Writer Podcast 021 – Chad Gervich (After Lately, Script Magazine)

  1. alma G

    Chad Gervich is a giant joke. He’s the John Robert Powers of the Screenwriting industry. scamming people out of money for his book/classes, yet he has no clue what he’s talking/writing about nor has any talent.

  2. Gino


    Thanks for the webcast and your honesty. As someone who writes film spec scripts, I have wondered if I should get into the TV writing scene. But, your comments about how futile it is to try to sell a spec TV story idea without any TV experience, validated my instincts on the subject.

    My question to you is, why do so many prominent TV consultants encourage their clients to go for it, when they know they have basically no chance of selling it?

    Please feel free to use this as your next controversial topic.