Win a FREE Copy of MasterWriter Software

Get a chance to win a free copy of MasterWriter Software!

MasterWriter Software is a word reference software for any kind of writing.

Watch this video to see the functionality of the program.

Why struggle to find the right word or phrase, when you can have all the possibilities in an instant? MasterWriter is an unlimited source of ideas pre-inspiration, and an invaluable tool during the creative process. Its most important role may be post-inspiration, when finding a better way to express yourself or a more creative way to describe something, can be the difference between good and great.

MasterWriter creative writing software has a bevy of unique features, together with an amazing array of searchable reference dictionaries, that provide writers with everything they need in one easy-to-use program, including: word families, parts of speech, phrases, rhymes, pop culture, dictionary, and thesaurus.

MasterWriter Software Available for both Mac and PC.

$189 value!

ON SALE for $149 until 2/01/2013


 TO ENTER for your chance to win a FREE copy of MasterWriter Software from The Writers Store, simply leave a comment below. One lucky reader will be chosen at random on Monday, January 28, 2013!


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134 thoughts on “Win a FREE Copy of MasterWriter Software

  1. Marlene

    It would be great to be able to come up with the right word or phrase when I need it. My vocabulary definitely needs work, and it looks like this software would be a great help. Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  2. Alex

    This looks live a very interesting piece of software. Right now I’m using “Word Menu” but it’s kind of slow and it doesn’t incorporate features like pop culture, Bible and rhymes.

    It would be very useful to find alternative words so your script doesn’t have lots of pedantic words (he looks, she walks….) which I do a lot.

    I’ll give it a try.

  3. Helen

    Commenting on this article is a great way for me to procrastinate over my rewrite! The possibility of winning this awesome looking software is an added bonus.

  4. Shari

    Finally, listened to my heart and I’ve made writing part of my daily habit. Every morning I start with my morning pages and writing on my draft. This is my year of writing, writing and developing, writing & having fun, writing & reading, writing my first draft. I would love to win this software.

  5. Gerald

    I usually do this searching and rewriting by hand going the thesaurus, dictionary, search the web, and many other places, but this looks much simpler and easier, all in one place.

    Did not know it existed.

  6. Belinda

    I’m new to the business of screenwriting, and would love some more comparisons between all the writing software available out there! Masterwriter sounds like it’s among the best, but what about the others?…

  7. Ryan S

    I am an aspiring screenwriter, and after looking over MasterWriter, I have found myself wanting to know more. The unique capabilities of the program would help me take that next step in developing my writing.

  8. Fruta Planta

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  9. Nic Sridej

    I’m new to the site, but I’m already a fan. Not just because there’s a possibility I could win free software. OK, that’s the only reason I read this article. Seriously, I do enjoy reading the articles here on ScriptMag. Especially the ones that offer free stuff.

  10. Mary Fitzgerald

    I have recently begun studying screenwriting and short fiction so I’m looking for technical support. MasterWriter will help me hone my writing skills and will be the perfect complement to my current writing software. I love this site!!!

  11. Manish Sharma

    I find MasterWriter’s unique features like word families very interesting and would like to explore the same.It’s true.Your choice of words can make o break a story.

  12. Diana Clyne

    Took the tour of MasterWriter & am greatly impressed with a versatility that I have not seen in any other writing program. Word Families is a function I have long needed. I also see it as a tool to help teach with the use of the parts of speech, as it so clearly delineates a usage of word meanings broken down and expandable by verb, noun, adverb, adjective, tense, etc. I was wondering if there is a way to add to items like Pop-Culture or other technical items upon which I need to write like the Clean Development Mechanism, Climate Change, Energy, etc. My only negative is that the page color & design could be cleaner so it is a more inviting pallete from which to actually work in the word processor. Thanks for the opportunity to take a look.

  13. S.T. Whitehouse

    Yes, I have read many articles from Script. (RE: Industry professionals). I’ve found the information, tips, suggestions and other material very helpful.

    Also, upon some recommendations, I have bought some software packages. These were wise purchases and enjoy using them.

    It’s good to see…”the finger on the pulse.”


    A fellow scribe.

  14. Jim N.

    I have desired this software for some time now, but haven’t been able to come up with the funds. Winning it would certainly help the budget and the script.

  15. Diana Carol

    MasterWriter is what I dream about owning! I may be new to the screenwriting business, but I’m smart enough to know that MasterWriter is going to help me become a star! Just need to save up!!

  16. Sue Polhamus beaton

    This would make dreams and ideas come alive. My boyfriend and I are actors but last summer he was included in a pre plan for a movie that a gentleman wants to tell about and turn in to a movie. Problem low budget and we do not have a screen writing program for the portion my boyfriend is writing. We would love to be able to receive your program ..and for him to follow his dreams
    Thank you for your time

  17. Amit Sharma

    I have been considering Masterwriter for a very long time now.
    it’s already ironic that I came across this offer. If I do get chosen, it will be nothing short of a simply superb thing that happened in my life.

  18. Lisa Malzhan

    I am thoroughly excited to begin using MasterWriter! Stardom for the both of us is just a screenplay away! Thank you for this wonderful offer and God’s blessings to all who have contributed to the MasterWriter software…

  19. Crys

    Very generous offer. Clearly my overworked and long-awaited, award-winning, and one more yummy hyphenate script is just waiting to be written. Or typed…with this software.
    I’m in.

  20. Jonathan Fournier

    I had a free trial once and I found it useful (except for when it tried to tell me I could rhyme ‘orange’ with ‘Clockwork Orange’). Definitely wouldn’t mind a free copy.


  21. Rosanne Catalano (rckayla)

    Would love to have this software so that I can finally complete my work-in-progress, my first fiction novel but not my first book. My other two published books were a collection of my short stories and poems but they were done on Microsoft Word software, which doesn’t offer as many features as MasterWriter software does. Thanks for your consideration!