Write Your Screenplay: How Do I Write Effective Parallel Stories?

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Telling two equally successful tales within the same time frame is a structural challenge. As Jacob Krueger explains, while examining Blue Valentine and Dead Poets Society, ratcheting up the tension between parallel stories will help raise the stakes for the characters, and raise the interest of the viewer.

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6 thoughts on “Write Your Screenplay: How Do I Write Effective Parallel Stories?

  1. Film_Shark

    Dear Mr. Krueger,

    It’s really cool that you used ‘Blue Valentine’ as an example of parallel stories. That indie film is one of my favorite romantic dramas. The parallel journeys visually show us how their marriage deteriorated to their present situation.

    I recommend watching the DVD commentary of that film. It is very revealing how director, Derek Cianfrance, got the best performances out of his two main characters, Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling. It was method acting to the Nth power.

    Dan Delago (aka Film_Shark)