Write Your Screenplay: Stay With the Truth

3 thoughts on “Write Your Screenplay: Stay With the Truth

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  2. Melinda

    Love the idea of staying true to your own idea and intentions, rather than thinking about what other people want or expect. When I veer from the idea that initially excited me, that’s when writer’s block happens, so this is terrific advice! Awesome video!

  3. Shane

    It’s interesting how those two aspects of your brain, the conscious and subconscious, are rarely on the same page. Although I think it is important to look at your intentions because sometimes the subconscious mind wants to take over and you end up writing just like all those movies stored in your subconscious and what comes out is cliche. An intention to explore a new theme or avenue, perhaps having come about through brainstorming or being inspired by the subconscious process, can be helpful. And thus sometimes when you start to veer off that path and into cliche, you need a conscious effort to sto and get back on track.

    But the Fun aspect is really the only true measure whether you’re really on the right track, and for that he is dead on.