Screenwriting Website of the Week: Screenwriter Writing

The latest Screenwriting Website of the Week is Denise Cruz-Castino’s Screenwriter Writing!

An up-and-coming screenwriter who’s putting in her time in the trenches, Denise shares her thoughts on the craft of writing, reviews of short films and her personal quest to succeed. Her musings are honest and forthcoming. Give her a read and you might learn something from her journey.

Follow Denise on Twitter at @cruzwriter

screenwriter writing

About Denise: “Denise Cruz-Castino has been a Copywriter for almost 15 years now, working at all the big ad agencies in Los Angeles. She transitioned into screenwriting, is currently working with Mad Chance Productions and sold a short film, “The Fountain” to Disney. She currently has an indie feature dramedy that is in development with Uniglobe Entertainment, has a script with Sony, another with Disney Feature Animation, and developing animation ideas with Cartoon Network producers. Her husband works in the entertainment industry too, with high-profile rock bands. They have a great and wonderful boy in elementary school.”