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Script Magazine launched in 1995, and the past issues are archived on Enjoy a variety of classic articles ranging from screenwriter interviews, Writers on Writing, and career advice from veteran industry insiders. Good storytelling is timeless. Read the past Script Magazine archives for advice on a screenwriting career and the craft of writing a box-office hit.

SCRIPT on SCRIPT: Sept./Oct. 2010

William Martell’s article “Blockbuster Brilliance!” from the September/October edition of Script, perfectly outlines my final, winning rebuttal to an argument I’ve been having with a writer friend mine who thinks Avatar shouldn’t be on my 2009 top ten list. (After all, we’re screenwriters, not just “average moviegoers.”)

SCRIPT ON SCRIPT: July/August 2010

When I saw the title of Dwayne Alexander Smith’s article in the July/August edition of Script and the accompanying, enticing picture of the sexy, welcoming, smiling woman with the “no” and “yes” signs, I became quite excited. “The Agony of the Silent No” must contain the answers to my problems. However,...