PODCAST: Trigger Street Turns to the ‘Bad Guys’

Bad GuysTrigger Street Productions is no stranger to the world of geekdom. Producers of the cult favorite Fanboys and this year’s Oscar favorite The Social Network, it’s no surprise Dana Brunetti and his crew have jumped into the comic book industry full force, teaming with Kickstart Comics to produce Bad Guys. Written by screenwriter Philip Eisner (Event Horizon) with art by Agustin Padilla (G.I.Joe, Captain America), Bad Guys turns the tables on the stereotypical superhero genre by having “the worlds’ super-villains become mankind’s last hope in defeating the alien invasion.” An invasion that has wiped out Earth’s superheroes.

For this podcast, Script‘s west coast/web editor Joshua Stecker is joined by Brunetti, Eisner and Trigger Street’s Vice President Carter Swan, to discuss the launch of Bad Guys, the reason for Trigger Street getting into the comic book industry, Eisner’s concept for the story and challenges he faced going from screenwriter to comic book writer, and something about stripping on Santa Monica Blvd. and Carls Jr. burgers (for some reason, a Trigger Street interview always seems to veer off into unforeseen territory).

Bad Guys is available now at Walmart and comic book specialty shops.

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