SURVEY: Pitch Fests

In an upcoming issue of Script magazine, we will be featuring an article on pitch fests.

To get an accurate reading on the perception and value of the pitch fest experience, we’re asking our readership to participate in a quick survey. By taking the survey, you’ll help us deliver a more accurate story, which will in turn, benefit everyone and help improve the pitch fest experience.


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2 thoughts on “SURVEY: Pitch Fests

  1. Barry Geltner

    How can an unpublished writer like myself obtain the services of a scriptwriter? I believe my novels/short stories are good enough to be converted into scripts.
    Thank you.
    Barry Geltner

  2. spencer michlin

    Why didn’t you include the Screenwriters Conference at Santa Fe? It’s one of the best pitch fests because it gets more highly placed execs and because it’s so relaxed.